Is your business receiving clear auditing services?

Is your business receiving clear auditing services?

Have you ever wondered if your business is receiving clear auditing services? At NLK we strive to provide an auditing service that is transparent so that you have clarity about your business and its operations. There are many accounting processes that occur every day in small, medium or even large businesses. Our professional and experienced auditing firm can provide insight to directors, shareholders or management wanting to remain in control of a company’s financial compliance, performance and efficiency.

Clients who want to operate efficiently and profitably require accounting services that are professional and compliant. The auditing services provided by NLK’s chartered accountants are available to help in the preparation of annual financial and are based on the clients accounting records.

Our audits are performed in accordance with International standards and as required by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA). This ensures that our clients businesses remain compliant and accurate with regard to financial activities. NLK staff provides an unbiased and transparent auditing service which will help determine whether a company’s financial statements are accurate and compliant in legal, financial and taxation activities.

At NLK we like to work closely with our clients to understand the internal running processes within the business letting us provide you with an outsider’s perspective on the business. It is with this view that our chartered accountants can give valuable recommendations on any changes that could further improve the businesses efficiency. For your clarity part of our service includes checking accounts receivable and account balances to determine whether financial statements accurately reflect transactions.

Accounting errors are often a business owner’s biggest nightmare and our auditing team is here to ensure that no costly accounting errors do occur. Regular auditing informs business owners  where their business is headed and what changes can be adopted for financial success. The information collected from our audit team will provide useful insight into the operations of various departments which can also be used as a comparison to previous financial year audits.

We can assist companies requiring mandatory, annual audits as well as those that need a review to determine any potential business risks.  Reviews can often give business owners insight into the operations of other departments or branches.  A full audit report provided by our firm can be provided to banking institutions for loan purposes or even form part of a disclosure report to company shareholders.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on auditing or our other services.

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