Auditing services for your Success

Auditing services for your Success

Nexia Levitt Kirson has a team of accountants and registered auditors who will provide key auditing services for your business success. Our team of staff are capable, analytical as well as up to date when it comes to current accounting knowledge. A few of the services that we offer clients include statutory audits, special audit assignments as well as forensic auditing.

Our audits are conducted in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing as required by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) and Independent Regulatory Body for Auditors (IRBA). Clients will receive valuable insight into their business operations when it comes to more core accounting processes within the company.

Our forensic auditing service can be extremely valuable to business owners wanting to safeguard assets and assess internal controls in the business, especially in cases of suspected fraudulent activity. Our auditing accountants have the necessary skills and knowledge to analyze and uncover fraudulent schemes which if undetected could prove disastrous for a business. Fraud is usually well hidden, complex and sophisticated and South Africa has seen an increase in white collar crime incidents.

Forensic audit investigations often require complicated data analysis s of financial data, accounting reports, transaction information as well as the preparation of data. In cases of suspected fraudulent activity a forensic audit can be conducted to determine if any fraudulent activity has in fact occurred. Our staff will conduct a thorough analysis by interpreting and summarizing  business and financial matters.

With NLK our clients have access to professional services from other members around the globe for auditing services as well as cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, international taxation and audit.

This as well as our other services will help you know if your business is on track for success. We aim to take away the complexities of financial accounting whilst assisting you to implement new strategies to improve and grow in 2016.

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