Taxation Consulting for you and your business

Taxation Consulting for you and your business

At NLK we offer taxation consulting as one of our many services. Our aim is to take care of and handle both simple and complex tax issues for you and your business. Nexia Levitt Kirson have a team of knowledgeable specialists who are well versed in the complexities of tax legislation.

As your business or assets grow, your tax returns tend to become more difficult and time consuming. We offer individuals, companies, close corporations, trusts and estates a taxation service that will comply with current taxation legislation.

Most business owners or entrepreneurs will agree that focusing on business whilst having to worry about changes in tax laws and managing taxes is not an easy task and if not completed correctly can become a nightmare. Our team is available to you for taxation advice based on a friendly and professional approach. We want to assist our clients so that they can understand, comply with and plan their returns accordingly.

Keeping up to date with taxes is extremely important for any business and we will work closely with you to simplify your tax ethically whilst ensuring that you are compliant. Working with a network of independent accounting and consulting firms, NLK is able to offer  a range of other accounting services in compliance with both local and international regulations and laws.

We will assist you with the submission of tax returns, provisional tax calculations, completion of STC forms, registration for and submission of various taxes including PAYE, SDL, UIF, VAT and Workmen’s Compensation. We will also attend to any queries with SARS as well as object to any incorrect assessments for you.

With our taxation consulting services our clients are able to focus on their business and day to day operations. Instead of worrying about tax issues, why not get the support of the NLK team behind you?

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